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Millpark Andalusian Stud was established by Mandy Wheatcroft, in 1988, after two years of extensive research into the Pura Raza Espanola (Andalusian). A founder member of the B.A.P.S.H. Society and is a registered breeder of P.R.E. horses.

Our foundation stallion 'Euclides' sired approximately 45 offspring, a great ambassador for the breed winning nineteen championships in his showing career. He gave ridden displays for foreign ambassadors, royalty, rock stars and film stars.

Our foundation mares included 'Revelacion', national in-hand, ridden and supreme champion of the breed society, a title only ever won by a handful of mares in the country. 'Convenida', who earnt her place in the history books by being in a group of P.R.E. horses being the first imported into Britain for 200 years.

The stud has grown immensley and has for several years been the largest breeder of Pura Raza Espanola horses in the UK.

At present we have amongst our stallions 'Neron XII' who is the only stallion in the UK to have won all sections at the national championships under A.N.C.C.E. rules, in-hand champion stallion, functionaility champion, best movement award, and national supreme champion for 2 consecutive years, also qualifying for SICAB championship of spain. Also 'Mejicano XXIX' a very rare overo (chocolate dun) stallion, who is passing on his colour.




I have been asked so many times "How did you get into PRE (Andalusians)"  Well, horses have always been in my life and in my blood, my Grandfather bred his favorite Hannoverians in Germany and was always called upon to deal with sick or fiesty horses, my elder sisters all rode and owned horses, and sister Joy also trained as an instructor, I loved to tag along, on board sitting in front of my sister on hacks out, or went along while she competed, untill she gave in and brought me my first pony for my fifth birthday, a black shetland mare "Penny" who I was allergic to! and she used to dump me on the floor 10 times a day, but that was it I was hooked.

I was given my first stallion when I was 10 years old, by my sister Jill an unbroken 5 year old Welsh cross named "Spirited James"! Hmm.... "I know what their plan was now"but then I rolled my sleeves up, and with my best friend Liz we set about getting to grips with tameing the untouched beasty and riding him.  Now this pony was the biggest learning curve ever, he tormented and terrorised me, but gave me a real respect of stallions that still gives me a buzz to this day.

I rode every horse I possible could when I was Young, backing any crazy creature no one else wanted to go near, I couldn't get enough and was never put off I loved a challenge.  I had lessons every weekend and the riding school let me give lessons and take rides out, I begged my mother to buy me evey wild or unruly pony we could afford so I could reschool them.  I Hunted, point to pointed, show jumped, x-country, pony clubbed, you name it!

One very memorable day at the age of 12 years old my sister Sue and her husband took me to London to see the Spanish Riding School of Vienna, as I had also for the past four years been training as a classical violinest, the sight and sound of these noble Lippizzaners performing to a full live orchestra was fabulous,I was very honoured to be taken backstage to meet the horses and riders, they gave me so much time and information and Inspiration, a real insight into these sensitive horses, a major eye opener.  So, I wanted dressage lessons, I went along to visit every trainer and clinic I could over the years, even when we had been abroad I seemed to find myself visiting stables, either having a lesson or giving a lesson, Germany, Austria, Sweden, France, Spain, Italy....even on skiing holidays I could end up on horseback, every where I went and everyone I met there was always something I could learn to further my knowledge.  I worked with or owned just about every breed of horse untill one day while watching a horse program on the television there was a stunning Andalusian stallion doing piaffe, I can never errase that from my mind, he gave so much more to his work than any other horse I had ever seen, "The Quest was on"!!!  Now I new which breed, surely it would be easy now? three little words, one big problem! "African Horse Sickness" the Spanish borders were closed, so that gave me what turned out to be nearly three years, to do my homework, I had about 25 horses and ponies at the time, so I got to work breaking and schooling them all and selling them along the way building up money in the kity. I was also very involved, and traveling the world with Grand Prix motor racing and Rock concerts during this time which came in very handy at this point as I was very lucky to have great friends who stood by me in every way they possible could, "my life mentors" and "my extended family", whom I forever owe so much to.

So I was ready when breeders Charles Crossland and Mike Curzon invited me to their stud farms for a visit, both turned out very rewarding, Charles offered to sell me his first ever sale of a PRE, 18 month old "Danes Apollo" a colt and Mike offered me a weanling filly "Contata", and a T.B. mare in foal to his PRE stallion.  This opened up a friendship which gave me a lot of knowledge and experience of the PRE, the following year Mike offered to sell me all his stock, except his stallion, which I took him up on the offer. Then so many trips to Spain over the years viewing, trying, training and buying horses it was on my return from one of these trips that I had a message about Euclides being for sale, His breeder Joaquin Rodriquez and his wife Linda had already become good friend, and to this day the high light of my every visit to Spain, they are to me "Family". So this is how it all started, now at the beguining of 2009 we have 60 PRE horses and start producing another crop of foals soon, with around 20 foals due each year now we are forever expanding and enjoying this amazing breed of horses.

My personal aim and enjoyment is to bring back the almost lost original colours of this breed which were so important to King Philip II in developing this breed.  I have spent may years trying to bring back the Duns, Cebruna, Cervuna, Melada and such natural and naieve colours now almost unknown to most modern breeders,  I am very interested in the history of the PRE, But, also very inquisitive in the science of the PRE and their genetic constitution, so I long to see scientific evidence prove the history of the PRE and turn "myth" into fact or fiction! and very eye opening I believe the future of the PRE will be!